Online Reading Program

Online Reading Program

Funnix is an award-winning online phonics program that’s proved to succeed.

Give Them the Building Blocks They Need to Read

Funnix is a small-step, carefully sequenced series of lessons. Each lesson introduces a few things that are new and weaves them into exercises that involve familiar words and skills.

Around 10 percent of each lesson is new; the rest is made up of familiar parts. Note that there is a new story in every lesson and sometimes there are new activities, but only 10 percent of these stories and activities involve words or skills that have not been introduced in earlier lessons. The stories review words that have been taught; the words review sounds that have been taught.

Children will not struggle with the lessons because virtually nothing is over the child’s head. If the child has difficulties with new material as it is introduced, they will gain mastery since that material is reviewed several times in the following lessons.

  • After completing the 120 lessons in Funnix Beginning Reading, children will be reading at a beginning 2nd-grade level.

  • After completing the 100 lessons in Funnix 2, children will be at a beginning 3rd-grade reading level. Children will have built a vocabulary of close to 2000 words, which includes many multisyllabic words and irregular words. Children who have finished both levels of Funnix at mastery also have the skills to decode thousands of words that haven’t been introduced yet.

Funnix Helps You Teach Reading Online

The goal of Funnix is to teach all the skills your child needs to learn to read—and enjoy reading—and to teach these skills as efficiently as possible. Based on the Direct Instruction model created by Siegfried “Zig” Engelmann, Funnix incorporates sequenced skill development, a predictable lesson structure, explicit phonics, and orthographic prompts to ensure that children learn to decode accurately and fluently.

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