Teach Your Child to Master Reading Today
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Teach Your Child to Master Reading Today

Father going over a reading lesson with his son at a kitchen table.

“I love how easy Funnix makes it to teach my child how to read!”

Father going over a reading lesson with his son at a kitchen table.
  • No prior teaching experience required
  • Guide your child through 220 frustration-free lessons
  • Developed by the author who brought you “Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons”
  • Easy & convenient web-based app you can access worldwide from tablets or desktop computers

“My child is reading at the top of his class because of Funnix!”

Child sitting on his mom's lap going over a Funnix learning lesson together in a family living room.
  • Your child will master reading-comprehension skills.
  • Help your child overcome memorization crutches and other bad reading habits.
  • New readers get introduced to concepts that build on one another and make learning fun.
  • Prepare your child for success with our explicit-instruction teaching strategy.
Child sitting on his mom's lap going over a Funnix learning lesson together in a family living room.
Child using Funnix program sitting next to Father in kitchen.

Funnix lessons are so engaging, now my son loves to read!”

Child using Funnix program sitting next to Father in kitchen.
  • Engaging characters with dramatic cliff-hangers keep them wanting to know what happens next.
  • Watch your child become an avid reader in as little as 20 lessons.
  • Children school ages pre-K through 2nd love class time with Funnix.
  • Your child’s confidence grows as their reading skills improve.

Ready to Get Started? It’s Easier Than You Think!

Frequently Asked Questions About Using Funnix

Yes! Funnix can help your child feel successful not only by teaching them new skills, but by ensuring they aren’t relearning something they already know. Children are tested individually before beginning the program to determine the skills they have already mastered and which ones they need to work on. From there, the lessons build on each other to ensure your child is challenged but never overwhelmed or discouraged. See for yourself how Funnix is specifically tailored to each child who uses the program — assess if your child is ready for Funnix by using our alphabet game. For children who already can read a little, we have built-in tools for determining where to begin.

Many studies performed by universities and organizations across the country show that children demonstrate drastic, measurable improvement when the explicit-instruction methodologies we use for Funnix are applied to both homeschooling and classroom environments. Funnix also independently field-tests all curriculum with real children and parents before publishing new lessons.

The great thing about Funnix is that studies show it works equally well for all students, regardless of ethnic or economic background. Young readers who used Funnix showed faster learning progress, better retention, and better comprehension. The vast majority of children (in some cases, over 75% of the tested class) showed phenomenal improvement in all standard reading skill categories. See how your child responds!

This program is not a game. We want it to be fun for children, but it is ultimately a teaching tool that requires guidance from a parent to ensure the child is completing the lessons accurately. You don’t need to teach your child anything on your own, but you will need to sit with your child and guide them through each lesson by following easy-to-understand on-screen prompts. Funnix will help you and your child navigate the challenging but fulfilling path of learning how to read. Sign up today!

No, Funnix lays the groundwork for you by providing carefully sequenced reading instruction that not only builds great reading skills but makes it an easy and fun process for your child. No prior teaching experience is required — just listen along as your child responds to the program’s audio and visual prompts, provide encouragement or correction as needed, and click the ‘next’ button when your child gives a correct response. Our use of explicit instruction helps you teach your child the right skills in the right order, so you can rest easy knowing your child is learning to read efficiently and effectively. Try it out!

Funnix is research validated and so effective, it’s worth every penny! A family subscription with up to three users and two active devices is $24.99 per month. The subscription includes the Funnix Math program. Click the button below to see subscription options. If you have specific questions, please contact us directly at fun@funnix.com.