Summer vacation is almost here! While kids can’t wait to be out of school, summer can be a challenge for parents. With summer comes sunshine, freedom, and eventually, boredom. As kids look for new things to do over the summer, don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with the efforts of keeping your child entertained.

Our Funnix Beginning Reading program is a great “easy mode” activity to do with your child each day, and it will help them get ahead of the curve for next school year. Funnix is a simple, easy way for your child to continue building their reading skills all summer long.

  • For incoming pre-K students and any child who just knows most of their letter names, Funnix lessons can provide them with a strong foundation of basic reading skills that will set them up for success in the upcoming school year.
  • For students who have been left behind by poor reading instruction during the pandemic, this is the perfect chance to catch up.

While your child is enjoying the engaging stories and fun exercises in each Funnix lesson, they’ll hardly realize how many valuable reading skills they’re learning. Funnix programs offer reading instruction that gives children a vocabulary of over 2,000 words, plus the phonics tools they need to decode even more words on sight.

Don’t stop reading! Every day, keep your one lesson per day schedule — half an hour or so of your time — and prevent any backslide during those summer months. Your child will love the feeling of accomplishment they get as they progress. Just think how great they’ll feel when they go back to school and find that they’re reading at the top of their class!