At Funnix, we sometimes receive questions from parents who have additional questions about their child’s specific learning situation. Here is an example…

My son has ADHD, he gets frustrated with tasks easily and I don’t want reading to become a source of discouragement for him. How can I help him boost his reading skills without making it feel like a chore?

For many children with learning difficulties, reading does not come easily. Children on the autism spectrum, with ADHD, or who are learning English as a second language may struggle to develop foundational reading skills. However, this doesn’t mean that becoming a skilled reader is impossible! Funnix Beginning Reading is designed to meet children at their current skill level and teaches them effectively at optimal pacing.

Children begin the reading program with a placement test to ensure they are placed correctly. As children progress through the lessons, instruction can be modified to accommodate each child’s learning rate. If a child needs additional time to master certain skills, they will review a lesson before moving on to the next. If a child is progressing quickly, their lessons will be accelerated to ensure they stay challenged enough to engage with the program.

Funnix’s lessons incorporate fun activities and stories with amusing characters to keep children engaged. Rather than create stories with basic sentences such as “The dog plays ball, “ Funnix creates complex stories from simple words. These stories incorporate fun animal characters that children love. This added complexity in storytelling, combined with the simplicity of the sentence structure, captures children’s attention and keeps them interested in each lesson.

Using the reading skills they’ve learned enables children to enjoy entertaining stories and provides added motivation for children to continue reading. Having a trusted parent or guardian as their guide through each lesson also provides a supportive, safe learning environment for kids. We know how important it is for children to feel successful in their reading journey and our lessons are designed to help children feel confident, not discouraged as they gain new skills.

Funnix’s carefully sequenced design engages children to master the content at their own pace before new skills are introduced.  With Funnix, ALL children can become confident, competent readers.