At Funnix, our lessons are designed to help your child develop their reading skills at a steady, manageable pace. The program offers the perfect balance of new material and familiar concepts. Each lesson builds on skills developed in previous sections, helping your child feel more confident as their knowledge grows. They will never be overwhelmed by too much new information at once.

Your child’s reading journey begins with learning basic letter sounds, then forming those sounds into words, then shaping those words into stories. This sounds-words-stories framework remains consistent throughout the program so your child will never be introduced to a word with unfamiliar letter sounds, or stories with unfamiliar words. All aspects of the Funnix program are designed to set your child up for success!


Our lessons are written to keep your child challenged and engaged, without getting fatigued. They’re simple enough to be fun, yet challenging enough to give your child a sense of accomplishment when they complete them.

  • New sounds are introduced and practiced for a few lessons before they appear in words.
  • New words featuring those sounds are presented in lists, not stories. This allows your child to build confidence as they read each story with minimal mistakes.
  • The words are formed into stories so your child can put their reading skills into practice.

This framework makes it easy for you to help your child with lessons. The program is already structured in the correct sequence so you and your child can simply follow along. Each lesson is built on previous concepts with a small amount of new material added in, so your child can build on the strong foundations laid in earlier lessons. You’ll love seeing your child’s confidence grow along with their reading skills. 

Funnix is an all-in-one learning tool to guide your K-2 learner through their reading journey. Our app contains carefully designed lessons to help your child improve their reading and comprehension skills at the optimal pace. Help your child gain newfound confidence as a proficient reader. Sign up for Funnix today.

Seeing the words they’ve learned appear in entertaining stories and activities gives your child extra motivation to continue expanding their vocabulary.