For some parents, navigating complex reading program interfaces or trying to develop their own reading curriculum can leave them asking, 

“How can I help my child learn to read using a simple, effective program?” 

Funnix, from the author of “Teach Your Child in 100 Easy Lessons,” is a web-based program designed to make learning to read simple and fun. Using authentic Direct Instruction, Funnix will help your child to read at a 3rd-grade reading level in just one thirty-minute lesson per day. 

Each lesson is designed for you to sit alongside your student and guide them through the prompts. Funnix functions as a built-in literacy coach, providing step-by-step instructions for your child — you only need to manage pacing and provide positive feedback when they get things right. 

Funnix functions as a built-in literacy coach, providing step-by-step instructions for your child.

To provide a simple, streamlined experience that takes the hassle out of reading instruction, Funnix lessons are all accessed through our web-based platform. Each step-by-step lesson can be found via our easy-to-use interface that is accessible from anywhere in the world. This provides flexibility for parents and allows reading lessons to continue even if you’re traveling or on the go. 

Funnix works on a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer using Firefox, Safari, Chrome, or Edge from 2018+. It is not compatible with a mobile phone due to the larger screen size required for successful learning. The ability to access Funnix from a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer lets you customize your child’s learning setup to fit their learning style. For some students, having a dedicated space at a desktop computer helps them focus on their daily reading lessons without added distraction. However, some children process information better when able to spread out on a couch or on the floor where they can get their wiggles out while still engaging with the lesson content. Funnix offers flexibility that lets you tailor your child’s learning environment to suit their individual needs. 

To check the compatibility of your device prior to beginning Funnix lessons, you can register for a Guest Account and access the first 20 lessons for free. This allows you to test your browser and device settings, and determine whether a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet will work best for your child’s learning style prior to purchasing the Funnix program. 

When it comes to making learning to read simple, Funnix shines. Every piece of our program, from lesson structure and content to accessibility and program design is optimized to make lessons simple, fun, and effective.