Funnix Affiliate Program

Funnix Affiliate Program

Become a Funnix Affiliate!

It’s quite easy to earn extra income for helping promote the acclaimed Funnix Beginning Reading program! Please join our mission to offer the gift of literacy to children and help them build their self-confidence and reading skills.

Earn Extra Income

Earn extra income according to the subscription levels you are able to secure. Funnix offers several subscription options, including monthly or annual family pricing and tutor plans for small and large groups.

No Contracts

Funnix doesn’t require contracts. Therefore, potential customers will not be intimidated by the subscription options, and they have the freedom to cancel at any time.

Great Investment

Be an integral part of the Funnix team. Help us ensure children become efficient readers with promising academic futures, all while you are compensated for your time and dedication.
Become a Funnix affiliate today!