Most of the lessons have 4 main activities:

  1. Children identify sound and letter names.
  2. Children identify words.
  3. Children read a story.
  4. Workbook or Lined-Paper activities.

Children learn sounds for letters and letter combinations. The picture on the left shows the letters children identify. The picture on the right shows the sounds the children review.

letters    words

Children read three to six lists of words during a lesson. Here is the lists of words for lesson 2 in Funnix 2.

Children read each story two times. There are no pictures for the first reading. Children focus of on the words.
Here's a story from Funnix Beginning Reading.

lesson 8

The second reading of the story is different from the first reading in 3 ways:

  1. Pictures appear on the 2nd reading (but not the 1st).
  2. Usually some of the text is eliminated or changed.
  3. The narrator presents comprehension questions.
Here's the second reading of the story:
Lesson 58

These activities address spelling, answering written questions, letter and word writing, matching and sequencing events.
Here's a spelling activity and worksheet from Funnix Beginning Reading:


Here's a lined paper activities from Funnix 2:

Lesson 7 Ex. 6    Lesson 2 Workbook 2   Lesson 3 Ex. 9

Here are some of the characters they will read about:

  • Sam is a bunny that appears in some of the early stories, which are mostly told by the narrator with the child reading only a few words or a sentence. In the first story, Sam was an out-of-shape bunny. He became very fit when he helped a mouse bring food to a sick friend. After a few days, Sam had gone from being fit and energetic to being overweight and slugish.
  • Bob's problem is that he is usually late, and he always gets into trouble for not following directions. One time, his dad told him to be home by 5, and he cautioned Bob not to leave the path while hiking. The picture shows that Bob made it home by 5, but he and his friends had left the path and played on a hill of mud.
  • Jan likes to do the same thing over and over. In one episode, Jan kept singing the same song over and over-the Alphabe Song. At lst her mother asked what she could do to make Jan stop singing that song. Jan stop singing that song. Jan said, "Sing with me." The pictures show the results.
  • Sid likes things that are clean. In one episode, he tells his mom that he would clean up the town by singing a song. She didn't believe him, but he sang about rain and it rained a lot and cleaned up the town.

  • Clarabelle is a cow that loves to imitate what others do. In one story Clarabelle watches ducks land on a pond and thinks that it would be fun to join them. When she jumped in the pond, all the water jumped out of the pond, taking the ducks with it.
  • The fox and the turtle; In the first series of stories involving the fox, he sells a little turtle bitter butter. The turtle's mom uses the butter to make batter for a cake, which was very bitter. The turtles repaid the fox by making him a cake. The fox indicated that he would show how much he liked the cake by eating it very fast. But after eating the cake, he could not get rid of the bitter taste.
  • In a second series of stories, the fox makes better butter-fine and sweet-but nobody would buy his butter. At last, he uses the butter to bake a cake that he enters in the summer cake bake. He wears a disguise so that nobody will recognize him. His cake wins first prize, and afterwards he has no trouble selling his butter.

  • The bragging rats are not only braggers, but terrible liars. In one episode, the bragging rats argue about their speed—the bragging rat with the yellow teeth said that he could pass up any other rat by just walking. The other bragging rat, the one with the long tail, said that he could run circles around the other rat. The wise old rat settles the dispute by arranging a race among the bragging rats and other rats in the pack. The bragging rats finished last.
  • Jill is a bug that bites. One day, Jill, her brother and sister were climbing a tree so they could dive into a pond. They met a tiny bug. Jill told the bug that if he didn't leave, she would bite him. Jill demonstrated her prowess by biting a stick so hard that it left a dent. The tiny bug took a stick and bit through it, then bit through a thicker stick. Jill decided that it would be a good idea to be friends with the tiny bug. And that's what happened.
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