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Lesson 7--This early lesson has exercises on counting, symbol identification, and counting lines for symbols. Early lessons focus on foundational strategies that are incorporated as harder mathematical skills are introduced.

Lesson 54-- By lesson 54 children have acquired a of number skills and the lesson focuses on a variety of tasks. Exercises include children counting from a number to a number (example from 67 to 73), counting by 10 to 100, algebraic subtraction
(8 - [ ] = 4), solving word problems (There were 2 cars in the parking lot. 9 more cars parked in the parking lot. How many cars are parked in the parking lot now?), identifying and writing symbols (76, 40, 18, 20, 93, 55, 16), plus 2 problems, counting Ts (tens) and lines (ones) to figure out a number, and identifying turn around problems.


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To determine whether children know enough to placed in the program, administer the Funnix Math Placement Test video. Children who meet the passing criterion begin on lesson 1. The test is to be administered to children who know nothing, or very little math or counting.


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Administering the Test

Scoring the Test

Print out scoring sheet before viewing Funnix Beginning Math Placement Test.

Here's a sample scoring sheet:

Placement Procedures
Place children who score 10 or above at Lesson 1 of Funnix Beginning Math. Place children who score less than 10 in a beginning language program. Don't place these children in Funnix Beginning Math until they score 10 or more on the placement test.

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